Help to buy

Purchase Procedure

STEP – 1


(Online or from our offices)

Select House Type or Preference indicating additional requirements if any. Fill and Submit forms to 21st CMC (scan and Email to sales@21stcentury-mcity.com or post to our offices)
Download application form


STEP – 2


21st CMC will issue offer letter to Client indicating general terms and conditions as well as price.
Sign Purchase and Development Agreement/ Pre Construction Agreement and Estate Management Conditions.
21st CMC is to issue Commencement Invoice (CI) to Client.


STEP – 3


Client to make Payments as follows:
20% Minimum Down Payment as per Commencement Invoice.
We have two type of payments as follows:


Home Purchase Mortgage

Home purchase is a loan product designed to assist individuals and companies to purchase residential properties for their own or for rental. This program is for both first time buyers and existing homeowners. The borrower is usually expected to make a minimum 20% down payment and the bank provides a loan equivalent to a maximum 80% of the purchase price. The loan terms are usually 15 years and interest rates on home loans in Ghana are always variable interest rates.

Home purchase Self-Finance

Self-Finance product is designed to assist individual and companies who are not interested in Mortgage. It’s a scheme suitable for client who wants to avoid interest for the first one-year and also have been refused for Mortgage. The program is for both first time buyers and existing homeowners. The borrower is expected to make a minimum of 20% down payment then continue with monthly instalment payment. The terms are subject to one-year interest free.
Please contact us to apply for self-finance payment plan.


STEP – 4


Shortly after the offer letter is received, the client will receive their indenture.
Keys are handed over when payments are completed or when 60% is paid for self-finance.
completed building is handed over as per the Sale And Development Agreement. well as price.

MORTGAGES: Mortgages are available from Ghanaian Mortgage Companies/Financial Institutions for prospective home buyers. You may contact our office or financial institution for further details.

Mortgage Providers

We currently work with two different banks from Ghana, HFC bank Ghana and Ghana home loans. Application should not be a problem as we have agents from both banks in the UK and the US.


Ghana Home loans
TEL: 0208 765 4700
Email: info@acaciaint.com


HFC Bank Ghana: 0213 6984 , 02136984
Email: aowusu17@hotmail.com

Ghana Home ownership service Ltd
TEL: 05206879
EMAIL: ghanahomeownership@yahoo.com / offei@comcast.ne

If you need any help please contact our telephone lines and we will send your details directly to them. However we have made things easier by supplying the application form in the link below.

Mortgage application form HFC – http://www.hfcbank.com.gh/Mortgage-Banking/Mortgage-Form.aspx
Ghana home loans mortgage application – http://www.ghanahomeloans.com/apply-now/